Letter from Zog to her Parents

Dear Mum and Daddo,

It seemed for a moment today that Zanzibar totally lost his mind. He killed a paralyzed man that Syrah wanted to take to jail. Upon further reflection though, I think Zanzibar may have just hit the wall of understanding how cruel this world truly is. You both tried to teach me that the world was not so black and white but only now am I starting to understand the fullness of those lessons. I too wanted to take the mercenary back to jail, but I’m not sad that Zan killed him. The lines between right and wrong and good and evil are so blurred for me at times that I don’t know which way to trust.

I wonder if this is an aberration in Zanzee’s behavior or if this is a step in his evolution. I know he has a good heart; he is also young and coming into his own now.

Jal was not happy about the events either. I’m not sure if he’s a true peace maker or is just pissed that too many of us won’t follow his lead when he wants the battle to end.

I’ve never worked with such a variety of individuals before! We’ve been thrown together due to proximity in this most interesting time and place. Other than Zan and I, I don’t think anyone else had ever met before just a few days ago. How do people work like this?! Yes, I’ve been on teams where we disagreed about how to go about something but there has always been a “head” or a “leader” who made the final call and we all got back to work. Maybe that was my naivety of a student. Maybe this group needs a leader? It doesn’t matter; I’m sure we’ll all be going our own ways after we save Sandpoint from this goblin invasion.

In the meantime I hope we can all trust each other as we head to Thistletop. I’m not sure how we’re suppose to get in there and get out alive as it is. Fighting ourselves is not going to help our odds of success.

I want you to know that I am happy! As scary as all these days have been I believe I am really making a difference here! There is true evil in the world and I want to fight it. I’m sure there is a way to combine my new sense of justice and my academic desires. I’ve been thinking a lot about working with, maybe even joining, the Pathfinder Society. (Don’t scoff Daddo!)

Thanks so much for the Magic Wand! It has already come in handy! If by some chance you come across an Aldori Dueling Sword please negotiate for it on my behalf. I hear they’re awesome and I want to get back to some of my sword training.

Hope to see you soon!


Letter from Zog to her Parents

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