Knowledge Skills

Some Skills Go Away
Spellcraft goes away, absorbed by Arcana and Religion. Anytime you would have rolled spellcraft in the past, roll either Arcana or Religion depending on whether the magic involved is arcane or divine.

Planes goes away, absorbed by Religion. I’ve never liked that training in religion and theology doesn’t tell you anything about the afterlife or what devils are like. Imagine someone with +0 Planes and +25 Religion, has he heard of angels or not? It isn’t ideal that religious experts now know a lot about the elemental planes, but I can live with that more easily. The rationale is that fundamental questions about the structure of reality and its component parts (like positive and negative energy, the elemental planes, and so on) are traditionally the domain of religious myths.

Local simply goes away. It’s always been a mess. Dorian (my PFS wizard with a +30 knowledge local) knows the name of every tavern in Golarion and who is sleeping with whom in small towns in Minkai? Knowledge of particular nations or locales will be covered by Geography as will knowing the properties of humanoids. You can gather information with any of Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate depending on your methods.

Geography gets Specialized
Geography now requires a specialization (in the same way as Perform). Pick a location at any scale: Golarion, Avistan, Varisia, the Lost Coast, Sandpoint, etc… The DC to know things about your location will depend on the scale of your skill. Knowledge: Local (Sandpoint) will tell you the foibles of prominent personalities in Sandpoint, but won’t tell you anything about Cheliax. Knowledge: Local (Golarion) give you a rough overview of each continent, but won’t even identify Sandpoint as a town. Imagine a knowledge skill as a Paizo supplement. “Cheliax, Empire of Devils” has more detail than “The Inner Sea World Guide” but a smaller scope.

But I’m a Bard, how does my Bardic Knowledge work with Specialization?
Any ability that lets one use all knowledge skills untrained (Bardic Knowledge comes to mind, but there are some others) doesn’t allow Geography untrained. Any geography skills a Bard takes do gain the +1/2 per bard level bonus as normal.

That all sounds too complicated, I just want to kill things!
Knowledge: Monster Lore is added and covers identifying the powers and weaknesses of creatures of any type. You can still identify monsters with standard knowledge skills (religion to ID undead, nature to ID fey, etc…), but anything can be identified with Monster Lore. You’ve learned practical things like Vampires need a stake to the heart, but didn’t study any of the theory about how they came about, their relationship with Urgathoa, their role in Ustlav, or anything else. The only information Monster Lore will give is the contents of a stat-block.

Knowledge Skills

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