Character Creation

PFS as Default
Unless otherwise specified, the character creation rules are the same as for Pathfinder Society play. Refer to the “Guide to Organized Play” and the “Additional Resources” documents for the legality of any particular option.

Mental attributes may not start below 7 without GM approval.

Race Options
All Core Rulebook races are available for PCs as well as Aasimar, Catfolk, Dhampir, Ifrit, Oread, Ratfolk, Sylph, Tengu, Tiefling, Undine, Changeling, Gillmen, Kitsune, Nagaji, Samsarans, and Wayangs.

Class Options

  • Adepts and Warriors don’t exist.
  • Base attack and saving throws use the fractional advancement rules in Pathfinder Unchained.
  • Fighters get 4 skill points per level.
  • Gunslingers and guns are not available.
  • Rogues gain a +1 to hit per die of Sneak Attack when they qualify to do the extra damage (as do non-rogues with Sneak Attack dice).
  • Channeling to heal or harm goes away. Channeling positive energy (for example) will simultaneously heal the living and harm the undead.

Item creation feats are available.
Weapon Pair Feats!
Orator is banned.

Each character may select two traits as usual, but also gain one trait selected from the “Player’s Guide to Rise of the Runelords”.


Light becomes a first level spell.

Character Creation

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