Tag: Half-Elf


  • Tsuto Kaijitsu

    Tsuto Kaijitsu is the legal (though not natural) son of [[:lonjiku-kaijitsu |Lonjiku Kaijitsu]] and Atsuii Kaijitsu, and younger brother of [[:ameiko-kaijitsu |Ameiko Kaijitsu]]. A half-elf born to two human parents, Tsuto's birth not only caused a stir …

  • Tegan Declan

    Tegan Declan is the half-elven bodyguard of [[:lady-almara-jarnith | Lady Almara]] of Magnimar. She is not well known in Sandpoint, having been assigned to her lady in the last six months.

  • Jal Jathal

    *Character Quiz Answers* __________________________________ _On the road on the way into Sandpoint, there is a wooden post with a sign and small mirror. Painted on the sign is "Welcome to Sandpoint! Please stop to see yourself as we see you!" What do …