-5293 – Thassalon and Azlant are destroyed in Earthfall.
1 – Aroden ascends to divinity.
4606 – Aroden dies, prophecy is broken, the Worldwound consumes Sarkoris.
4666 – Sandpoint founded.
4708 – The Gray Maidens are active in Korvosa.
4709 – The campaign begins.

Rova 4709

  • Rova the 20th (Sunday)
    The Swallowtail Festival
  • Rova the 21st (Moonday)
    Sheriff Hemlock leaves Sandpoint for Magnimar.
    Lonjinku has his blowup with Ameiko and is captured by Tsuto on his way home.
  • Rova the 22nd (Toilday)
    The PCs go hunting with Aldern Foxglove
    Ameiko goes to meet with Tsuto at midnight and is captured.
  • Rova the 23rd (Wealday)
    The PCs recover from their boar hunt with help of Father Zantus.
    Ameiko is noticed missing.
    The PCs raid the Kaijitsu glassworks, defeating Tsuto and rescuing Ameiko.
  • Rova the 24th (Oathday)
    Sheriff Hemlock returns to Sandpoint with Shalelu.
    The PCs explore the Catacombs of Wrath and defeat the Quasit Erylium.
  • Rova the 25th (Fireday)
    The PCs meet with town elders before setting off for Thistletop.
    Lyrie & Orik break Tsuto out of jail, but are defeated by the PCs.
    The PCs spend the night in Sandpoint before setting off for Thistletop by fishing boat.
  • Rova the 26th (Starday)
    The PC’s arrive at Thistletop, discover that Nualia is already on the march and return to Sandpoint.
    Battle of Sandpoint.

Lamashan 4709

  • Lamashan of 4709
    The town of Sandpoint recovers from the goblin attack, work gets underway on rebuilding the lost bridges and a new militia goes into training.

Neth 4709


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