Rope Use

Rope Use
Pathfinder removed some skills from D&D and consolidated others. The only one I’ve really missed is Rope Use, so it’s back. It’s fairly narrow as a skill, it’s unlikely to be as useful per rank as something like Perception or Stealth, but it’s here if you want to invest in it.

Normally in PFS if a character is tied up the DC to escape is the binder’s CMB+20. That remains the case. Alternately if it would be higher, the DC is the binder’s rope use check +10. Rope use is Dexterity based, and a class skill for Barbarians, Bloodragers, Rangers, Rogues, Inquisitors, Investigators, Hunters, Shamans, Skalds, and Slayers.

In addition to tying people up, Rope Use can be used to achieve other rope related tasks with the following list as a guide to difficulty.

DC 5 – You can tie your own shoelaces!
DC 10 – You can hitch a wagon to a draft animal.
DC 15 – You can set up an effective pulley mechanism. You can hang people efficiently.
DC 20 – You can make trick knots which come loose if pulled the right way.

Rope Use

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