The Rise of Karzoug

Session 1 - Burnt Offerings
Covering "Festival & Fire" and "Local Heroes"

Festival and Fire Rova 20th

Local Heroes Rova 21st – 22nd

  • Jal Jathal made good decisions.
  • The party investigated the crypt of Ezakien Tobyn, finding his body missing and Nualia’s urn destroyed.
  • The party questioned Sergeant Andrew Viscotti, who was charmed by an unknown Garundi woman and convinced to remove the gate guards before the goblin attack.
  • Trouble at the Rusty Dragon: The party witness a fight between Ameiko Kaijitsu and her father Lonjiku. Lonjiku announced his intention to relocate the family to Magnimar.
  • The party went on a boar hunting expedition with Aldern Foxglove in the Tickwood.
  • The party defeated the spirit of a madman living in the woods and recovered a golden idol and hundreds of pages of insane ramblings written in Aklo.
Session 2 - Burnt Offerings
Covering "Idol Speculation", "Investigating the Glassworks", & "Grim News from Mosswood"

Idol Speculation Rova 22nd

  • The party returned from their hunt with a sinister idol in need of identification.
    Brodert Quink was able to identify the statue as an image of Lissala, Thassalonian goddess of runes, obedience, subjugation, and general nastiness.
  • Quink offered the party several thousand gold for the statue, to study, but (visions of Quink being driven insane and taking up serial murder or some such nastiness dancing in their heads) the party declined.

Idol Speculation Rova 23rd

  • The party visited Father Zantus for restoration of the sanity they lost fighting the allip in the woods and get his impression of their idol.
  • Eventually, Zantus was able to identify the magic on the idol as an improved version of the Sending spell which allowed unlimited two way communication with an unknown entity on the other end of the link.
  • The party checked in with the lay clerk of Abadar, Zova Counts her troubles (formerly of the Sklar-Quah), but were unimpressed by her facilities for securing dangerous artifacts.
  • Jal Jathal, known for his sound decision making, decided to communicate with the entity and was offered arcane and divine power in exchange for swearing fealty to Lissala and heading east to look for Xin-Baruka. Jal declined this generous offer. The party decided the idol was too dangerous to leave intact and arranged to have it melted down.

Investigating the Glassworks

  • The party returned to the Rusty dragon to discover that Ameiko had not shown up to work this morning and a worried Bethana Corwin (the dragon’s barmaid) had found a note in her room asking her to meet her brother Tsuto at the family glassworks the prior evening.
  • Investigating the glassworks revealed Lonjiku Kaijitsu murdered, goblins running amok, Tsuto Kaijitsu lurking in the basement intent on sending the PCs straight to the morgue, and Ameiko Kaijitsu tied up in a storeroom.
  • The party defeated Tsuto, took him alive, and turned him over to the Sandpoint guard for judgment.
  • Although Tsuto refused to talk, he did carry a journal that revealed his infatuation with Nualia Tobyn, mistakenly believed to be dead, and their plan to unite the goblin tribes and raze Sandpoint in a great fire. Nualia had turned to the worship of Lamashtu and believed the destruction of Sandpoint would empower a ritual to expel her celestial heritage and transform her into a demon.
  • The PCs discover smuggling tunnels under the glassworks used by Tsuto to get goblins into Sandpoint.

“Grim News from Mosswood” Rova 24th

  • Sheriff Belor Hemlock returned from Magnimar with Shalelu Andosana in tow. Shalelu had lost an arm in battle with a bugbear in Nualia’s employ, but brought news that she had united five local tribes at the island of Thistletop to the east and was nearing readiness for an invasion. Mayor Kendra Deverin implored the party for aid, and the session ended with negotiations over payment…
Session 3 - Burnt Offerings
Covering "The Catacombs of Wrath"

The Catacombs of Wrath Rova 24th

  • The party picks up some gifts.
  • The party goes through the Catacombs of Wrath.
Session 4 - Burnt Offerings
Covering "Planning Session", "Jailbreak", and a small part of "Thistletop"

Planning Session Rova 25th Late Morning
With the smuggler’s tunnels bricked up and the Catacombs of Wrath secured, the party and nobility of Sandpoint met to plan their next move.
Ameiko Kaijitsu was confirmed as heir to the Kaijitsu titles, upon the death of her father and in the absence of a competing heir.
Lady Almara Jarnith left for Magnimar to report to the Council of Ushers and secure troops to defend Sandpoint.
Mayor Kendra Deverin directed Sheriff Belor Hemlock and Titus Scarnetti to organize a defense of the town while directing the party to travel to Thistletop in an attempt to kill Nualia and break up the gathering goblin army.

Shalelu Andosana shared what information she had about the five local goblin tribes that had gathered under Nualia’s banner at Thistletop.

Ethram Valdemar stormed out, having objected to the plan to send the party to Thistletop, arguing that an attack forces Nualia’s hand, denying the town time to gather troops from Magnimar and mount an effective defense.

The meeting was broken up by the arrival of a wounded guardsman who reported that Lyrie Akenja and Orik Vancaskerkin had attacked the jail, breaking Tsuto Kaijitsu out of jail and riding out of town.

Jailbreak Rova 25th Late Morning & Early Afternoon
The party pursued the miscreants Lyrie Akenja, Orik Vancaskerkin, and Tsuto Kaijitsu along the coast road to the east in the direction of Thistletop.
Catching sight of the enemy some 300 feet out, Sryah placed a entangling field ahead of them to prevent their escape.
The miscreants turned to attack the party and a brutal melee ensued. Highlights included Ugnaught falling into a magically conjured pit only to have horses (one sleeping and one unconscious) fall into the pit after him, Zanzibar cutting down Tsuto and Lyrie, and Orik offering surrender in an attempt to save Lyrie’s life. Orik offered an end to the fighting if he were allowed to leave alive with Lyrie. Sryah rejected the offer, and paralyzed Orik with hold person. The party began to incapacitate Orik when Zan cut his throat with a coup de grace, ending the fight and Orik’s life. Moral disagreement ensued…

The party returned briefly to Sandpoint with Lyrie as a prisoner and negotiated her release in exchange for a promise to leave the area and description of Thistletop and Nualia’s plans. Nualia, it seemed, was directed to Thistletop by Lamashtu to look for a creature named Malfeshnekor trapped somewhere underground. Nualia is ready to march as soon as Malfeshnekor is found.

The party left by fishing boat for Thistletop and ascended the island by magic under cover of darkness, ending the session by sneaking into the southwest tower of the stockade.

Session 5 - Burnt Offerings
Covering "Thistletop" and "The Battle of Sandpoint"

Thistletop Rova 26th Early Morning

chaos_spawn_super.jpg The party arrived at Thistletop island by fishing boat from Sandpoint. The island itself is reachable by a rope bridge from a hedge maze on the mainland riddled with tight tunnels and potential goblin ambushes. Rather than hike through that mess, the party opted to use a potion of fly recovered from Orik Vancaskerkin to send a scout up from the boat to drop a rope down for the rest of the party. The party fought their way into the stockade and down into the upper dungeon level, only to discover that Nualia and the bulk of the island’s occupants were gone, already marching for Sandpoint. After finding and slaying Nualia’s monstrous spawn, the party abandoned the island to sail back to Sandpoint ahead of the slower marching goblin army.

The Battle of Sandpoint Rova 26th

The party arrived back in Sandpoint ahead of the goblin horde, having gained intelligence on their numbers and movements thanks to Sryah’s spirit hawk’s reconnaissance. The town of Sandpoint is vulnerable on four fronts, the main gate and wall protecting the northeast approach, two bridges (Tanner’s Bridge and Sandpoint Bridge) covering the east, and the coastal cliffs along the west. The party and a handful of town militia took up positions on the northeast gate and wall while other town heroes secured the bridges and clifftops.

Nualia arrived at the gates of Sandpoint at the head of a detachment of almost 100 goblins while smaller forces attacked the bridges and cliffs. The party was split between the battlements and a copse of trees near the walls. With illusionary troops on the walls, and a flanking force of mounted warriors, the party provided a stout defense until Nualia herself engaged them. Nualia was defeated by the combined efforts of the entire party, but not before disabling Farrah, Ugnaught, and Zanzibar. Between Nualia’s death and their significant losses, the remaining goblins fled, resulting in victory for the defenders of Sandpoint.

Following the battle the party returned to Thistletop to clear the remainder of the dungeon. They discovered that the island was once the head of an enormous statue and allowed its controller to scry on the nearby wilderness. The party also discovered a Barghest bound to one of the lower level’s rooms who coerced the party into releasing it. Once free of it’s warded prison, the creature promptly vanished. I’m sure he won’t come up again…

Session 6 - Interlude
Covering "In Wrath's Shadow"

Rivenrake Island Neth 3rd
Untitled-2.pngA little over a month has passed since the Battle of Sandpoint and life is gradually returning to normal. Construction is underway on new bridges to replace those burned in the fighting and Sheriff Hemlock is training new recruits to replace those guardsmen lost in the fighting. Ethram Valdemar has yet to return but, honestly, is little missed.

The party is approached by Brodert Quink on behalf of Rashid al-Malik and the University of Korvosa and reports that a mining operation on a small island in the Varisian gulf has uncovered a temple that appears to be Thassilonian. Given Quink’s reputation, the University has reached out to him to organize an expedition to explore and catalog the ruin and he, in turn, reached out to the party for the necessary muscle and expertise to secure the site.

Arriving at the dig site, the party found that the walls of the temple had been breached by something coming from inside and butchered most of the miners, sparing only those they dragged into the temple for an unknown fate. Exploring the temple, the party was able to defeat the harpies that had recently laired there as well as the Sinspawn, Ooze, and Ghouls that had been trapped inside since the fall of Thassilon. The party discovered that the whole site was a shrine to Yamasoth, a qlippoth lord worshiped by the Runelady Alaznist.

The deadliest encounter by far was with a pair of harpies who had settled into the upper level of the temple. Entranced by their song, the party could only look on in horror as Zog Koosh’s throat was torn out and Sryah’s spirit hawk was torn to pieces. Even worse, as Zog’s blood spilled out onto the rune carved Sihedron rune on the temple’s floor the eldritch runes activated and raised her as some sort of undead. Apparently free willed, Zog continued to explore the ruin with the party insisting she was “just fine”…

Finally the party uncovered the final message of the temple’s priest to his master before he was entombed by Earthfall and transformed himself into a ghoul to “survive” the cataclysm.

Session 7 - The Skinsaw Murders
Covering "Muder Most Foul", "The Thing in the Attic", & "Walking Scarecrows"

Sandpoint Neth 5th
The party returns to Sandpoint only to find that Sheriff Belor Hemlock wants their help investigating a series of occult tinged murders. Five people have been murdered, four with Sihedron runes carved into their chests. Investigating the crime scene convinces the party they’re looking for a ghoul that has been using the water ways to cover its tracks. Further, the ghoul has left notes for Sryah at the crime scenes declaring his love and urging her to join him.

An interview with a survivor, Grayst Sevilla, reveals that Aldern Foxglove is responsible and leads the party to plan a raid on his manor. Before they can carry out the attack, word reaches them that a posse of farmers who went to investigate the outlying Hambley farm have not returned. Investigating, the party finds that the farmers have been transformed into ghouls and puts them to rest.

Sessions 8 & 9 - The Skinsaw Murders
Covering "Misgivings"

Sandpoint Neth 7th & 8th
The party made their way to the ancestral home of Aldern Foxglove to put a stop to his murders. At the house they found haunts that told the story of Vorel Foxglove who, many years ago, was thwarted in his attempt to become a lich by his wife Kasanda. In destroying Vorel’s phylactery, Kasanda triggered a necrotic backlash that killed the whole family with disease.

Years later, Traver Foxglove purchased the house in the hopes of restoring it and had three children with his wife Cyralie (Aldern, Sendeli, and Zeeva). Cyralie became (correctly) convinced that Vorel’s spirit was trapped in the house and was driving her family mad and tried to burn the house to the ground. Traver murdered her under compulsion from Vorel and (in horror at what he had done) took his own life. Aldern and the other children survived and were raised by relatives in Korvosa.

Finally Aldern, having made his fortune in business in Magnimar, moved into the house with his wife Iesha and was driven mad by Vorel’s spirit. After murdering his wife in a fit of jealous and misogynistic rage, Aldern uncovered Vorel’s remains in the caverns below the manor, was infected with the necrotic mold, and became a ghoul.

Ultimately the party was able to survive the haunts, understand what had happened, enlist the aid of some of the trapped spirits, defeat Aldern and Vorel and destroy the house.

A document found among Aldern’s papers made it clear that he was acting under orders from “the Brothers of the Seven”, a secret organization in Magnimar.

Session 10 - Magminar part 1
Covering "Chasing the Skinsaw" & "The Seven's Sawmill"

Hazel, Jal Jathal, Sryah, and Ugnaught arrived in Magnimar hunting for information on the connection between Aldern Foxglove, the cult of the Skinsaw men, and the “Brotherhood of the Seven”.

They were welcomed by Lady Almara who introduced them to Justice Ironbriar, the judge responsible for investigating similar sihedron murders in Magnimar and his assistant in the guard, Sergeant Kasadei.

The party went with Sergeant Kasadei to search Aldern’s townhouse and were ambushed by cultists supported by an owb. Hidden in the house, they found indications that the cult used a local sawmill as a meeting place.

Ironbriar accompanied the PCs to the sawmill where he betrayed them, revealing himself as a priest of Norgorber. The PCs defeated the cult, killed Ironbriar, and burned down the sawmill. They were promptly arrested…

Session 11 - Magnimar part 2
Covering "Shadows of Time"

The party was released after a night in jail and learned that Farrah, Zan, & “Zog” were on their way to Magnimar (thanks to more of Lady Almara’s scrying). Sryah was able to compel the spirit of Justice Ironbriar to answer her questions and learned that he was charmed by Xanesha, a lamia sorcerer who had taken over the cult of Norgorber and ordered the sihedron killings. Sryah further learned that Xanesha laired in an abandoned clocktower in Magnimar’s slum district “Underbridge”. Jal Jathal was raised from the dead by the clergy of Erastil.

Farrah, Zan, & “Zog” arrived in Magnimar and were greeted at the gate by guardsmen who directed them to Lady Almara’s manor where the party was reunited. The trio had separated off from the main group in Sandpoint after receiving word that Zog’s parents were being held at Windsong Abbey on charges of murder and were scheduled to be hanged. On route to the Abbey they were ambushed by Malfeshnekor (the barghest the party released at Thistletop) and a group of Lissalan cultists. Malfeshnekor was driven off, but the cultists were defeated and revealed that they were sent from Korvosa with the barghest on a mission to kill the tengu ghoul. They concocted the story about Zog’s parents to separate the party.

The party assaulted the crumbling clocktower, defeating a flesh golem and faceless stalkers before confronting Xanesha on the tower’s parapet. Xanesha slew “Zog” and Ugnaught, but was ultimately forced to flee by jumping off the tower and casting feather fall. A hail of arrows, fireballs, flying stabby tengu, and finally a dropped brick left her unconscious before she hit the ground. The party decided she was too dangerous to question and killed her before she woke up.

Ugnaught was raised, “Zog” was resurrected, and the party discovered that Zog’s body as a ghoul had been under the control of an evil spirit with Zog’s soul trapped inside looking on in horror as something else controlled him and communed regularly with Yamasoth. Enraged that the party had not resurrected him earlier, he stormed off. Among Xanesha’s effects the party found notes indicating that Xanesha was planning to sacrifice Lord Mayor Grobaras to Karzoug in a sihedron ritual. After the mayor learned this, he rewarded each party member with 5,000gp.


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