The Rise of Karzoug

Session 1 - Burnt Offerings
Covering "Festival & Fire" and "Local Heroes"

Festival and Fire Rova 20th

Local Heroes Rova 21st – 22nd

  • Jal Jathal made good decisions.
  • The party investigated the crypt of Ezakien Tobyn, finding his body missing and Nualia’s urn destroyed.
  • The party questioned Sergeant Andrew Viscotti, who was charmed by an unknown Garundi woman and convinced to remove the gate guards before the goblin attack.
  • Trouble at the Rusty Dragon: The party witness a fight between Ameiko Kaijitsu and her father Lonjiku. Lonjiku announced his intention to relocate the family to Magnimar.
  • The party went on a boar hunting expedition with Aldern Foxglove in the Tickwood.
  • The party defeated the spirit of a madman living in the woods and recovered a golden idol and hundreds of pages of insane ramblings written in Aklo.

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