The Rise of Karzoug

Session 3 - Burnt Offerings
Covering "The Catacombs of Wrath"

The Catacombs of Wrath Rova 24th

  • The party picks up some gifts.
  • The party goes through the Catacombs of Wrath.
Session 2 - Burnt Offerings
Covering "Idol Speculation", "Investigating the Glassworks", & "Grim News from Mosswood"

Idol Speculation Rova 22nd

  • The party returned from their hunt with a sinister idol in need of identification.
    Brodert Quink was able to identify the statue as an image of Lissala, Thassalonian goddess of runes, obedience, subjugation, and general nastiness.
  • Quink offered the party several thousand gold for the statue, to study, but (visions of Quink being driven insane and taking up serial murder or some such nastiness dancing in their heads) the party declined.

Idol Speculation Rova 23rd

  • The party visited Father Zantus for restoration of the sanity they lost fighting the allip in the woods and get his impression of their idol.
  • Eventually, Zantus was able to identify the magic on the idol as an improved version of the Sending spell which allowed unlimited two way communication with an unknown entity on the other end of the link.
  • The party checked in with the lay clerk of Abadar, Zova Counts her troubles (formerly of the Sklar-Quah), but were unimpressed by her facilities for securing dangerous artifacts.
  • Jal Jathal, known for his sound decision making, decided to communicate with the entity and was offered arcane and divine power in exchange for swearing fealty to Lissala and heading east to look for Xin-Baruka. Jal declined this generous offer. The party decided the idol was too dangerous to leave intact and arranged to have it melted down.

Investigating the Glassworks

  • The party returned to the Rusty dragon to discover that Ameiko had not shown up to work this morning and a worried Bethana Corwin (the dragon’s barmaid) had found a note in her room asking her to meet her brother Tsuto at the family glassworks the prior evening.
  • Investigating the glassworks revealed Lonjiku Kaijitsu murdered, goblins running amok, Tsuto Kaijitsu lurking in the basement intent on sending the PCs straight to the morgue, and Ameiko Kaijitsu tied up in a storeroom.
  • The party defeated Tsuto, took him alive, and turned him over to the Sandpoint guard for judgment.
  • Although Tsuto refused to talk, he did carry a journal that revealed his infatuation with Nualia Tobyn, mistakenly believed to be dead, and their plan to unite the goblin tribes and raze Sandpoint in a great fire. Nualia had turned to the worship of Lamashtu and believed the destruction of Sandpoint would empower a ritual to expel her celestial heritage and transform her into a demon.
  • The PCs discover smuggling tunnels under the glassworks used by Tsuto to get goblins into Sandpoint.

“Grim News from Mosswood” Rova 24th

  • Sheriff Belor Hemlock returned from Magnimar with Shalelu Andosana in tow. Shalelu had lost an arm in battle with a bugbear in Nualia’s employ, but brought news that she had united five local tribes at the island of Thistletop to the east and was nearing readiness for an invasion. Mayor Kendra Deverin implored the party for aid, and the session ended with negotiations over payment…
Session 1 - Burnt Offerings
Covering "Festival & Fire" and "Local Heroes"

Festival and Fire Rova 20th

Local Heroes Rova 21st – 22nd

  • Jal Jathal made good decisions.
  • The party investigated the crypt of Ezakien Tobyn, finding his body missing and Nualia’s urn destroyed.
  • The party questioned Sergeant Andrew Viscotti, who was charmed by an unknown Garundi woman and convinced to remove the gate guards before the goblin attack.
  • Trouble at the Rusty Dragon: The party witness a fight between Ameiko Kaijitsu and her father Lonjiku. Lonjiku announced his intention to relocate the family to Magnimar.
  • The party went on a boar hunting expedition with Aldern Foxglove in the Tickwood.
  • The party defeated the spirit of a madman living in the woods and recovered a golden idol and hundreds of pages of insane ramblings written in Aklo.

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