Zog Koosh


Male Tengu Ghoul Investigator, abilities unknown.


Zog’s parents are traveling sales folks, mostly spending their time in and around all of Varisia. Rather unusual for Tengu, they’re not interested in getting rich, preferring to “live off the wild lands” and spend every moment free and in love as they believe true Tengus should. (While it may not be cannon, in my mind, Tengus breed for life.) Though very close to his parents, Zog’s great desire for knowledge has lead him to the life of “professional student.” Though professional is a bit of a stretch. He often sneaks into educational institutions without paying tuition. The education he does pay for he pays by selling items he “finds” while doing research. Occasionally Zog’s parents still need him to help with “this or that” so from time to time Zog travels to where ever his parents are at to help them. Fortunately these provide perfect opportunities to explore and catch up on all the local news and gossip his parents share with him.

Zog periodically writes to her parents, including shortly after the fourth session. Linky.

Character Quiz Answers


On the road on the way into Sandpoint, there is a wooden post with a sign and small mirror. Painted on the sign is “Welcome to Sandpoint! Please stop to see yourself as we see you!” What do you see if you look in the mirror?

“I look a hell of a lot like my father. At least I got my mother’s eyes.”


If someone cast Discern Next of Kin on you and you failed your save, what would they learn?

Zog thinks of his parents, Zeezaq and Gazellig, with feelings of warmth and love. Though he currently doesn’t know where they are traveling, he knows he will hear from them soon.


Has your character ever killed a person? By person I mean humans, tengu, dwarves, etc… creatures your character would consider people rather than monsters. If so, when and why? If not, what would have to happen before you’d be willing to kill someone?

Holy Aroden NO! I only kill things I intend to eat. Well, that’s the plan I start with every day. That said, I’m not ignorant of the fact that certain creatures are evil, want to kill me (and everyone else they see) and there’s no reasoning with them. ie I have no problem with zombie killing. I have been on archaeological digs where the security team has had to kill people for safety reasons. My safety to be exact. I find it sad, but usually necessary. I prefer to use my wits to get out of situations instead of brute force. Mostly because I have no brute force, or any force really. It’s possible this is why I have chosen the path I am on. Dealing with death in a very logical way allows me not to think about the emotional aspects of it all. I do love a good autopsy.


Following the recent struggles against Nualia a number of Sandpoint homes are vacant. Mayor Deverin has offered a home to any PC willing to settle in Sandpoint. Do you take her up on her offer?

Dear Mum and Daddo,

Things here are VERY exciting! My new friends (and they have become my friends, weird as they all may be, I really like them a lot) and I visited Thistletop. I know you told me never to go there when I was young, but now I am a hero-adventurer and have a posse to travel, explore and cooperate with. It is an amazing place! Did you know Thistletop is the head of, what used be, a giant statue?! I’m not really sure who owns this piece of land now that we’ve cleared out all the goblins but I’m really hoping I can leverage my new hero status to claim ownership and turn this place into a wildlife sanctuary with a small living quarters for me to study in. It’s not far from Sandpoint at all so I can still visit the town whenever I want or need to. Yes, I still want to someday live in Absalom, but for right now this seems like a paradise. If I can’t live at Thistletop I may just buy or rent a small house in Sandpoint. I know I’m feeling the oxytocin from all the people thinking I’m a hero but many of the people here are, in fact, really cool and I’d like to get to know them better. Plus I still want to learn more about ancient Thassalon and cannot live in an inn the entire time I’m here. (I probably could but it gets rather noisy at times.)

Oh I almost forgot to tell you – I have a pet cat now! He’s white and a little bit of an asshole. More than is typical for cats. His former owner was evil to the core so he’ll need time to adjust. So far I’m just calling him chat but we should probably give him a proper name sometime soon.

All in all I’m really enjoying this time in my life.

Love to you both! Hope to see you soon.



What is your character most afraid of?

Zog is afraid of being a ghoul forever. But is still very happy to be alive!


How does your character get their laundry done?

Preen: To smooth or clean (feathers) with the beak or bill.
Material worn over feathers occasionally gets wet in rivers, streams, rain and then it dries.

Zog Koosh

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