Tsuto Kaijitsu

Half elf black sheep of the Kaijitsu family.


Class and level unknown, but competent with both a bow and unarmed strikes.


Tsuto Kaijitsu is the legal (though not natural) son of Lonjiku Kaijitsu and Atsuii Kaijitsu, and younger brother of Ameiko Kaijitsu. A half-elf born to two human parents, Tsuto’s birth not only caused a stir in their relationship, but in the town of Sandpoint as well. The identity of Tsuto’s father was never revealed, and he was shipped off to the Turandarok Academy to be raised outside the family he was never really a part of, visited only by his sister, and even then very rarely and in secret.

Tsuto was believed to live in Magnimar, but was discovered to be allied with Nualia Tobyn’s and her plot to destroy Sandpoint. Tsuto was defeated by the party in a battle under the Kaijitsu glassworks and turned over to the local authorities for trial. On the 25th of Rova, Tsuto was sprung from jail by Orik Vancaskerkin and Lyrie Akenja on Nualia’s orders. When the party rode after the miscreants and caught up with them, Tsuto was killed in the ensuing melee.

Tsuto Kaijitsu

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