Nualia Tobyn

Adopted daughter of Ezakien Tobyn plotting revenge on Sandpoint


Deceased. Formerly Warpriest of Lamashtu/8


Nualia Tobyn was a aasimar foundling, raised by Ezakien Tobyn, the head pastor for the Varisian town of Sandpoint. As a child many of the superstitious Varisians viewed Nualia as blessed by Desna, a sort of “reverse deformity.” Rumors that her touch or proximity could cure warts and rashes, that locks of her hair brewed into tea could increase fertility, and that her voice could drive out evil spirits led to a succession of awkward and humiliating requests over the years.

Around 4702 Nualia began a covert relationship with a local Varisian youth named Delek Viskanta. Father Tobyn was known to object to the union (intending Nualia to join the prestigious convent at Windsong Abbey). Nualia became pregnant in 4703 and Delek fled Sandpoint. Confined to the church by her father, Nualia was rarely seen afterwards and is presumed to have died in the fire that destroyed the church.

Evidence uncovered by the party indicates that Nualia survived the fire, had turned to the worship of Lamashtu, and united goblin tribes for an attack aimed at burning Sandpoint to the ground. The attack was turned back by the party and Nualia killed in the battle.

Nualia Tobyn

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