Lord Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras

Lord Mayor of Magnimar


Class & level unknown. Frequently bodyguarded by a clockwork golem.


The Office of the Lord Mayor is one of the two ruling bodies of Magnimar alongside the Council of Ushers. The Lord Mayor is appointed by the previous Lord Mayor, while the Council is elected from among and by the nobility.

The Lord Mayor is responsible for execution of mandates issued after a majority vote by the Council. In times of emergency the Lord Mayor is authorized to issue immediate mandates without the need to assemble the full Council.

As a practical matter the Council often accuses the Lord Mayor of not faithfully executing its mandates, while the Lord Mayor accuses the Council of usurpation of his authority by micromanagement with overly specific mandates. Disputes between the two bodies are submitted to an independent judiciary for resolution.

Knowledge Nobility: DC 10
Lord Mayor Grobaras is widely seen as corrupt and self serving, but competent. The Council is seen as a tool of the aristocracy and merchant classes but mired in factional infighting and inefficiency. No one is particularly pleased with the government.

Lord Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras

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