Grayst Sevilla

Infected with Ghoul Fevor by Aldern Foxglove, but cured by the Party


Class & level unknown.


grayst.pngGrayst Sevilla came to the party’s attention after he was hired to protect a trio of small time thieves and con-men. The trio hired Grayst to protect them when they attended a mysterious meeting requested by Aldern Foxglove promising riches. The meeting was a trap and Aldern, in his guise as the Skinsaw Man, murdered the trio and carved Sihedron runes into their chests. Grayst was spared, but forced to watch the ritual killings and infected with ghoul fevor.

Crazed and wandering the highways, Grayst was picked up by the Sandpoint guard and taken to a sanitarium where he was questioned by the party. They successfully identified his ghoul fever, cured it, and identified his assailant as Aldern.

Grayst Sevilla

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