Farrah			CR: 9
Archon-Blooded Female Aasimar Warrior Priest/9
LG Medium Outsider (Native)
Init +0; Perception +3
AC 25, touch 10, flat-footed 25 (+9 armor, +6 shield)
hp 84 
Fort +9, Ref +5, Will +9
Speed 20 ft.
	Mwk Scimitar: +13 (1d8+6) 18-20/x2
	Throwing Axe: +11 (1d6+5) 10' Range Increment
Str 20, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 10
Base Atk +6; CMB +11; CMD 24

Racial Abilities
	Favored Class: Warrior Priest (+9 HP)
	Celestial Resistance: Acid/Cold/Electricity 5
	Skilled (+2 Intimidate/Sense Motive)
	SLA: Continual Flame 1/day
	Darkvision: 60'
Class Abilities
	Worship Sarenrae
	Blessings (7/day, DC 17)
		Sun - Blinding Strike (Standard to Blind for 1 round, Ref for Dazzled)
		Healing - Powerful Healer (Swift to empower a cure)
	Focus Weapon (Weapon Focus as bonus feat)
	Sacred Weapon (1d8, +2)
	Sacred Armor (+1)
	Fervor (7/day, 3d6)
	Channel Energy (3d6, 2 fervor)

Spells (CL: 9, Concentration: +12)
	3rd (4/day) Channel Vigor, Channel Vigor, Contagious Zeal, Invisibility Purge
	2nd (5/day) Align Weapon, Inheritor's Smite, Communal Protection from Evil, Shield Other, Grace
	1st (6/day) Bless, Divine Favor, Divine Favor, Liberating Command, Protection from Evil, Shield of Faith  
	0th (-/day) Create Water, Enhanced Diplomacy, Guidance, Mending, Stabilize  
	Weapon Focus: Scimitar
	Angelic Blood
	Power Attack
	Shield Focus
	Golden Legion's Stayed Blade
	Lightning Reflexes
	Defensive Combat Training
	Weapon Versatility 
	Step Up

Skills (-6 armor check penalty)
	Diplomacy		+11
	Knowledge (Religion)	+4
	Sense Motive		+17 

	Celestial, Taldane

	Friends & Enemies (Free Horse from Daviren Hosk)
	Holy Tattoo (Sarenrae)
	Law Enforcer (+2 Sense Motive to get a hunch)

+3 Heavy Steel Shield, Belt of Strength +2, +1 Scimitar, Masterwork Full Plate

Character Quiz Answers


On the road on the way into Sandpoint, there is a wooden post with a sign and small mirror. Painted on the sign is “Welcome to Sandpoint! Please stop to see yourself as we see you!” What do you see if you look in the mirror?

As Farrah approaches the gates of Sandpoint, she sees a group of travelers reading a small sign and taking turns looking into a mirror below it. Patiently, she waits her turn and when it arrives, she looks briefly into the mirror.

Pale eyes, pale skin, pale hair. Nothing has changed, she already knows how others will see her. She looks down briefly, letting the moment of shame wash over her before squaring her shoulders and adjusting her blood red cloak. Stepping away from the mirror, she’s quick to avert her eyes from the other travelers and makes her way into Sandpoint proper. She knows why she is here and what she must to do to make this right.


Has your character ever killed a person? By person I mean humans, tengu, dwarves, etc… creatures your character would consider people rather than monsters. If so, when and why? If not, what would have to happen before you’d be willing to kill someone?

Has Farrah killed anyone? Yes, because she was ordered to, not because she wanted to.


Following the recent struggles against Nualia a number of Sandpoint homes are vacant. Mayor Deverin has offered a home to any PC willing to settle in Sandpoint. Do you take her up on her offer?

Farrah is in her own for the first time, giving and taking allowances she never thought she’d have the ability to render. She’d prefer something in town, with a kitchen and dining room big enough to seat dinner guests, I but not ostentatious. She wants to invoke thoughts of family, I comfort and good times. Ideally it would be within walking distance of shops to purchase sweets, fruits and vegetables and meat, clothiers and her place of worship. A modest, comfortable home she can cook in and sleep safely. A small stable with a patch of grass for her horse to graze. Perhaps some chickens? Once Sandpoint is safe, Farrah would like to consider bringing her mother and sisters to live with her.


What is your character most afraid of?

Farrah’s phobias : spiders, big dogs and earwigs.

Aside from that, Farrah eats fear for breakfast!


How does your character get their laundry done?

Farrah brings her wash to the town’s washer women.


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