Ethram Valdemar

Head of the Valdemar Family


Class & level unknown.


Ethram Valdemar is the aging head of the Valdemar family and is the only original member of the Sandpoint Mercantile League still alive. He does not expect to live much longer; he has a lung infection that resists permanent curing.

The Valdemar family is a once-prosperous family that has recently fallen on hard times. Found primarily in the Varisian city of Magnimar and the nearby village of Sandpoint, the family once generated significant revenue through their fishing, shipping, and logging businesses. They have lost much of these through competition with the less ethical Scarnetti family, and due to recent tragedies. The head of the family is Ethram Valdemar who resides primarily in Sandpoint, while the family’s remaining business in Magnimar is overseen by this son, Kaleb Valdemar. Ethram is a widower, his wife Beltha having been one of Chopper’s victims in the late unpleasantness. Ethram is often attended by his aging manservant Roderick.

Ethram Valdemar

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