The Rise of Karzoug

Sessions 8 & 9 - The Skinsaw Murders

Covering "Misgivings"

Sandpoint Neth 7th & 8th
The party made their way to the ancestral home of Aldern Foxglove to put a stop to his murders. At the house they found haunts that told the story of Vorel Foxglove who, many years ago, was thwarted in his attempt to become a lich by his wife Kasanda. In destroying Vorel’s phylactery, Kasanda triggered a necrotic backlash that killed the whole family with disease.

Years later, Traver Foxglove purchased the house in the hopes of restoring it and had three children with his wife Cyralie (Aldern, Sendeli, and Zeeva). Cyralie became (correctly) convinced that Vorel’s spirit was trapped in the house and was driving her family mad and tried to burn the house to the ground. Traver murdered her under compulsion from Vorel and (in horror at what he had done) took his own life. Aldern and the other children survived and were raised by relatives in Korvosa.

Finally Aldern, having made his fortune in business in Magnimar, moved into the house with his wife Iesha and was driven mad by Vorel’s spirit. After murdering his wife in a fit of jealous and misogynistic rage, Aldern uncovered Vorel’s remains in the caverns below the manor, was infected with the necrotic mold, and became a ghoul.

Ultimately the party was able to survive the haunts, understand what had happened, enlist the aid of some of the trapped spirits, defeat Aldern and Vorel and destroy the house.

A document found among Aldern’s papers made it clear that he was acting under orders from “the Brothers of the Seven”, a secret organization in Magnimar.


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