The Rise of Karzoug

Session 7 - The Skinsaw Murders

Covering "Muder Most Foul", "The Thing in the Attic", & "Walking Scarecrows"

Sandpoint Neth 5th
The party returns to Sandpoint only to find that Sheriff Belor Hemlock wants their help investigating a series of occult tinged murders. Five people have been murdered, four with Sihedron runes carved into their chests. Investigating the crime scene convinces the party they’re looking for a ghoul that has been using the water ways to cover its tracks. Further, the ghoul has left notes for Sryah at the crime scenes declaring his love and urging her to join him.

An interview with a survivor, Grayst Sevilla, reveals that Aldern Foxglove is responsible and leads the party to plan a raid on his manor. Before they can carry out the attack, word reaches them that a posse of farmers who went to investigate the outlying Hambley farm have not returned. Investigating, the party finds that the farmers have been transformed into ghouls and puts them to rest.


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