The Rise of Karzoug

Session 6 - Interlude

Covering "In Wrath's Shadow"

Rivenrake Island Neth 3rd
Untitled-2.pngA little over a month has passed since the Battle of Sandpoint and life is gradually returning to normal. Construction is underway on new bridges to replace those burned in the fighting and Sheriff Hemlock is training new recruits to replace those guardsmen lost in the fighting. Ethram Valdemar has yet to return but, honestly, is little missed.

The party is approached by Brodert Quink on behalf of Rashid al-Malik and the University of Korvosa and reports that a mining operation on a small island in the Varisian gulf has uncovered a temple that appears to be Thassilonian. Given Quink’s reputation, the University has reached out to him to organize an expedition to explore and catalog the ruin and he, in turn, reached out to the party for the necessary muscle and expertise to secure the site.

Arriving at the dig site, the party found that the walls of the temple had been breached by something coming from inside and butchered most of the miners, sparing only those they dragged into the temple for an unknown fate. Exploring the temple, the party was able to defeat the harpies that had recently laired there as well as the Sinspawn, Ooze, and Ghouls that had been trapped inside since the fall of Thassilon. The party discovered that the whole site was a shrine to Yamasoth, a qlippoth lord worshiped by the Runelady Alaznist.

The deadliest encounter by far was with a pair of harpies who had settled into the upper level of the temple. Entranced by their song, the party could only look on in horror as Zog Koosh’s throat was torn out and Sryah’s spirit hawk was torn to pieces. Even worse, as Zog’s blood spilled out onto the rune carved Sihedron rune on the temple’s floor the eldritch runes activated and raised her as some sort of undead. Apparently free willed, Zog continued to explore the ruin with the party insisting she was “just fine”…

Finally the party uncovered the final message of the temple’s priest to his master before he was entombed by Earthfall and transformed himself into a ghoul to “survive” the cataclysm.


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