The Rise of Karzoug

Session 5 - Burnt Offerings

Covering "Thistletop" and "The Battle of Sandpoint"

Thistletop Rova 26th Early Morning

chaos_spawn_super.jpg The party arrived at Thistletop island by fishing boat from Sandpoint. The island itself is reachable by a rope bridge from a hedge maze on the mainland riddled with tight tunnels and potential goblin ambushes. Rather than hike through that mess, the party opted to use a potion of fly recovered from Orik Vancaskerkin to send a scout up from the boat to drop a rope down for the rest of the party. The party fought their way into the stockade and down into the upper dungeon level, only to discover that Nualia and the bulk of the island’s occupants were gone, already marching for Sandpoint. After finding and slaying Nualia’s monstrous spawn, the party abandoned the island to sail back to Sandpoint ahead of the slower marching goblin army.

The Battle of Sandpoint Rova 26th

The party arrived back in Sandpoint ahead of the goblin horde, having gained intelligence on their numbers and movements thanks to Sryah’s spirit hawk’s reconnaissance. The town of Sandpoint is vulnerable on four fronts, the main gate and wall protecting the northeast approach, two bridges (Tanner’s Bridge and Sandpoint Bridge) covering the east, and the coastal cliffs along the west. The party and a handful of town militia took up positions on the northeast gate and wall while other town heroes secured the bridges and clifftops.

Nualia arrived at the gates of Sandpoint at the head of a detachment of almost 100 goblins while smaller forces attacked the bridges and cliffs. The party was split between the battlements and a copse of trees near the walls. With illusionary troops on the walls, and a flanking force of mounted warriors, the party provided a stout defense until Nualia herself engaged them. Nualia was defeated by the combined efforts of the entire party, but not before disabling Farrah, Ugnaught, and Zanzibar. Between Nualia’s death and their significant losses, the remaining goblins fled, resulting in victory for the defenders of Sandpoint.

Following the battle the party returned to Thistletop to clear the remainder of the dungeon. They discovered that the island was once the head of an enormous statue and allowed its controller to scry on the nearby wilderness. The party also discovered a Barghest bound to one of the lower level’s rooms who coerced the party into releasing it. Once free of it’s warded prison, the creature promptly vanished. I’m sure he won’t come up again…


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