The Rise of Karzoug

Session 4 - Burnt Offerings

Covering "Planning Session", "Jailbreak", and a small part of "Thistletop"

Planning Session Rova 25th Late Morning
With the smuggler’s tunnels bricked up and the Catacombs of Wrath secured, the party and nobility of Sandpoint met to plan their next move.
Ameiko Kaijitsu was confirmed as heir to the Kaijitsu titles, upon the death of her father and in the absence of a competing heir.
Lady Almara Jarnith left for Magnimar to report to the Council of Ushers and secure troops to defend Sandpoint.
Mayor Kendra Deverin directed Sheriff Belor Hemlock and Titus Scarnetti to organize a defense of the town while directing the party to travel to Thistletop in an attempt to kill Nualia and break up the gathering goblin army.

Shalelu Andosana shared what information she had about the five local goblin tribes that had gathered under Nualia’s banner at Thistletop.

Ethram Valdemar stormed out, having objected to the plan to send the party to Thistletop, arguing that an attack forces Nualia’s hand, denying the town time to gather troops from Magnimar and mount an effective defense.

The meeting was broken up by the arrival of a wounded guardsman who reported that Lyrie Akenja and Orik Vancaskerkin had attacked the jail, breaking Tsuto Kaijitsu out of jail and riding out of town.

Jailbreak Rova 25th Late Morning & Early Afternoon
The party pursued the miscreants Lyrie Akenja, Orik Vancaskerkin, and Tsuto Kaijitsu along the coast road to the east in the direction of Thistletop.
Catching sight of the enemy some 300 feet out, Sryah placed a entangling field ahead of them to prevent their escape.
The miscreants turned to attack the party and a brutal melee ensued. Highlights included Ugnaught falling into a magically conjured pit only to have horses (one sleeping and one unconscious) fall into the pit after him, Zanzibar cutting down Tsuto and Lyrie, and Orik offering surrender in an attempt to save Lyrie’s life. Orik offered an end to the fighting if he were allowed to leave alive with Lyrie. Sryah rejected the offer, and paralyzed Orik with hold person. The party began to incapacitate Orik when Zan cut his throat with a coup de grace, ending the fight and Orik’s life. Moral disagreement ensued…

The party returned briefly to Sandpoint with Lyrie as a prisoner and negotiated her release in exchange for a promise to leave the area and description of Thistletop and Nualia’s plans. Nualia, it seemed, was directed to Thistletop by Lamashtu to look for a creature named Malfeshnekor trapped somewhere underground. Nualia is ready to march as soon as Malfeshnekor is found.

The party left by fishing boat for Thistletop and ascended the island by magic under cover of darkness, ending the session by sneaking into the southwest tower of the stockade.


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