The Rise of Karzoug

Session 11 - Magnimar part 2

Covering "Shadows of Time"

The party was released after a night in jail and learned that Farrah, Zan, & “Zog” were on their way to Magnimar (thanks to more of Lady Almara’s scrying). Sryah was able to compel the spirit of Justice Ironbriar to answer her questions and learned that he was charmed by Xanesha, a lamia sorcerer who had taken over the cult of Norgorber and ordered the sihedron killings. Sryah further learned that Xanesha laired in an abandoned clocktower in Magnimar’s slum district “Underbridge”. Jal Jathal was raised from the dead by the clergy of Erastil.

Farrah, Zan, & “Zog” arrived in Magnimar and were greeted at the gate by guardsmen who directed them to Lady Almara’s manor where the party was reunited. The trio had separated off from the main group in Sandpoint after receiving word that Zog’s parents were being held at Windsong Abbey on charges of murder and were scheduled to be hanged. On route to the Abbey they were ambushed by Malfeshnekor (the barghest the party released at Thistletop) and a group of Lissalan cultists. Malfeshnekor was driven off, but the cultists were defeated and revealed that they were sent from Korvosa with the barghest on a mission to kill the tengu ghoul. They concocted the story about Zog’s parents to separate the party.

The party assaulted the crumbling clocktower, defeating a flesh golem and faceless stalkers before confronting Xanesha on the tower’s parapet. Xanesha slew “Zog” and Ugnaught, but was ultimately forced to flee by jumping off the tower and casting feather fall. A hail of arrows, fireballs, flying stabby tengu, and finally a dropped brick left her unconscious before she hit the ground. The party decided she was too dangerous to question and killed her before she woke up.

Ugnaught was raised, “Zog” was resurrected, and the party discovered that Zog’s body as a ghoul had been under the control of an evil spirit with Zog’s soul trapped inside looking on in horror as something else controlled him and communed regularly with Yamasoth. Enraged that the party had not resurrected him earlier, he stormed off. Among Xanesha’s effects the party found notes indicating that Xanesha was planning to sacrifice Lord Mayor Grobaras to Karzoug in a sihedron ritual. After the mayor learned this, he rewarded each party member with 5,000gp.


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