The Rise of Karzoug

Session 10 - Magminar part 1

Covering "Chasing the Skinsaw" & "The Seven's Sawmill"

Hazel, Jal Jathal, Sryah, and Ugnaught arrived in Magnimar hunting for information on the connection between Aldern Foxglove, the cult of the Skinsaw men, and the “Brotherhood of the Seven”.

They were welcomed by Lady Almara who introduced them to Justice Ironbriar, the judge responsible for investigating similar sihedron murders in Magnimar and his assistant in the guard, Sergeant Kasadei.

The party went with Sergeant Kasadei to search Aldern’s townhouse and were ambushed by cultists supported by an owb. Hidden in the house, they found indications that the cult used a local sawmill as a meeting place.

Ironbriar accompanied the PCs to the sawmill where he betrayed them, revealing himself as a priest of Norgorber. The PCs defeated the cult, killed Ironbriar, and burned down the sawmill. They were promptly arrested…


stephengingell stephengingell

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